Automatic Lawnmowers. Are they worth it?

by | Apr 6, 2022 | lawncare

Not only are automated lawn mowers coming, they’re here and have been around for a while now. There has been a few of the big manufacturers, like Husqvarna, testing and manufacturing these little machines for several years now. And now there are many companies that have jumped on the band wagon.



automatic lawnmowers

Automated mowers are battery operated mowers that live on your property, parked at a charging station. Depending on how it’s programmed it will go out and mow your lawn to the height you set it at and return to its home base to recharge its battery as needed. Having the mower ‘on demand’ means it can mow your lawn a couple of times a week, keeping your turf at the same height with a perfect even cut all the time.

No this does not get rid of your landscape maintenance company. There are some areas and edges these mowers won’t be able to get to. Plus, if you use a company like ours, you will still want us there every week to take care of weeds, pruning, debris, and leaf management. Some companies are even providing homeowners with an automatic mower as part of their service. Over the next few years, we have plans to go with all battery-powered equipment.

Here’s a good article I found on the subject: Are Robot Lawn Mowers Worth It? 12 Things To Know


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